Infinity Dome by Team infinitE - A Hemispherical Touch Interactive Dome

The Infinity Dome is a 48" rear projected touch interactive dome, that teaches elementary school kids about solar energy. The dome was built from scratch and runs an immersive solar panel game. A companion app with the dome encourages kids to learn more about alternative forms of energy

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Hello Ocean by Team Imagica - A Virtual Underwater Experience

Hello Ocean is an award winning interactive underwater exprience on Android and iOS devices to teach middle school kids about the various kinds of fish that live in the Caribbean sea. It uses a unique gyroscope based navigation system along with realistic art style to provide an immersive experience

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Linguar - A Google Glass App

LinguAR is an augmented reality language learning app for Google Glass which was developed by a team of 7 people at Carnegie Mellon University. It is focused on contextualized learning through personalized lessons tailored to the user’s daily vocabulary and experiences

Job Quest - A Web Based Occupational Trading Card Game

Job Quest is a web based trading card game to teach middle school kids about different kinds of occupations that exist in the state Pennsylvania. I worked on this project during my summer internship with Simcoach Games in Pittsburgh

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Building Virtual Worlds

Building Virtual Worlds - Round 5 world. It's a competitive game where you race against your friends using an 8 inch android tablet as a controller, to collect as much space junk as you can before the time runs out, all on a stunning 26 foot screen

Building Virtual Worlds - Round 4 world. A story-based world, where a puppet comes to life when you teach him to dance using Leap Motion as a controller only to reveal a soul-stirring twist

Building Virtual Worlds - Round 3 world. This is a world with which you can interact using only your eyes. You are Medusa and you turn the rat-men into stone using the Eye-gaze Eye Tracker.

Building Virtual Worlds - Round 2 world. A simple naiive-player game played on the Microsoft Kinect where you help baby dino collect lolly-pops by filling creating a bridge using tetris shapes

Building Virtual Worlds - Round 1 world. An innovative world which uses Occulus rift for display, where the guest helps the kid cross a creepy, waving bridge by balancing himself using two PS moves as controllers

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